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Oh No! We're in Business...

Learn the menial history of Snakes + Acey's as founders Hannah Manocchio and Anthony Zart review their harrowing first year in business. Be mildly stirred as they document the bloody details of lessons learned, provide lists on what not to do, and offer advice on starting a fantasy company in a real world with a partner who drives you batshit.


Main Stage: SUNDAY
2:40 to 3:20 pm


Hannah Manocchio and Anthony Zart met during an odd collision of life's events when they combined a quarter-life crisis and the beginning of a nervous breakdown, respectively. It became clear that while most of the outside world felt like a rock in their shoe, Hannah and Anthony found they could tolerate one another. From that unlikely "bitch's brew" of events, the two found solace in working together and so a partnership — and company — were born. The dejected duo began work in earnest, taking a cue from fledging bands, setting up shop in a basement. They attribute their initial "success" to wry ideas coupled with a complete disregard for sleep and hygiene, all under the mantle of doing every aspect of work themselves — concepts, drawing, printing, selling. A mutual hope is that one-day profits will permit them pillows they won't sleep on and soap they'll forget to use. God help us all.

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