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How Hackathons Built My Design Career

Sarah entered design school during the web and mobile design revolution.
Websites were no longer a static page size. Websites became responsive to fit the demand of use on mobile phones, desktop computers, watches and tons of other device sizes!
This new age of design intrigued Sarah, however there was one problem. Her design school was unable to keep up with the changing times and she had to create her own opportunities to stay relevant.
Out of the many opportunities that Sarah took advantage of, hackathons stood out to be the most helpful opportunity to build her web and mobile design career.
Listen to Sarah’s story to find out how hackathons built her design career!

Main Stage: SUNDAY
3:35 to 4:15 p.m.


Sarah Yeager earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (VCD) from Kent State University. Sarah is currently a Graphic Designer with a focus of User Interface and User Experience Design. Through strategy and design, Sarah works with clients to create impactful brand stories and exceptional digital experiences. As an avid lover of hack-a-thons and design competitions, Sarah has won awards such as “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Design” and “Most Market Ready Product” for her work on the security wearable, EmpoweRing.

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