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We are all Weapons of Mass Creation.

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Are you looking to get involved and become a real part of WMC Fest? Do you want to help spread the word about the Weapons of Mass Creation movement? There are thousands of creative people out there that don’t know what they’re missing and it’s our job to inform them! Because we’re doing this ourselves in our spare time, we don’t quite have the budget to advertise like all the big design conferences do. That’s why we rely so much on word of mouth. In order for WMC Fest to grow and become a premier event in the Midwest, we must take it upon ourselves to get the word out. That’s why we started the WMC Fest Street Team.

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What’s the Street Team All About?

The Street Team isn’t just about hitting the streets. In fact, it’s mostly an e-team and most of your activity is done online from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to live in Cleveland to be part of the team!

When you sign up, you will see the orders put in by our community manager. These tasks range from simple Facebook/Twitter posts and blogging to printing and posting flyers in your neighborhood. You can pick and choose which jobs you accept. This is your chance to get involved in a creative movement you can call your own. We now use Fancorps to organize our Street Team.

What’s a Street Teamer Do?

Every job you do earns you activity points and allows you to increase your rank in the Street Team. You can even redeem points for WMC Fest swag, exclusives, downloads, design resources, and other Go Media products. In addition to real-world promotion like passing out flyers, tacking up posters, or stickering your town, or volunteering, you can also accept jobs to promote WMC Fest on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. The sky is the limit on the types of orders we create and we’re always open to new ideas!

You can also communicate with other Street Team members and follow what they are doing. It’s a great place to network and meet other like-minded people.

Reasons for Joining the Go Media Street Team:

  • Your chance to prove yourself to the Go Media and WMC Fest team
  • A great way to network and meet like-minded people
  • Become part of something bigger than yourself
  • Take an active role in growing WMC Fest
  • Get exclusives and free stuff for putting in the work
  • Something you could add to your resume
  • Power users learn skills that can land them jobs in Social Media

  • WMC Fest Merch
  • Featured Sponsor