WMC 3 Short Film Released!

I’m really pleased to release the WMC Fest 2012 short film! We brought back our friend Aaron Freeder who directed and shot last year’s video which we all know and love by now. He was excited to up his game and pick up where he left off and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Also, be on the lookout for a more in-depth WMC3 documentary and speaker videos coming soon by our friends at Purple Films.

Aaron was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the project.

You directed and shot last year’s video, which we received some fantastic feedback and has been viewed over 30,000 times.  It really captured the spirit of WMC.  How did you approach this year’s video and how is it different?

AF: I approached this year differently by trying to convey a more universal message among the potential viewers and trying to engage those who don’t know as much about the festival or have never attended. The video is different in regards to it being more about the city and the people of Cleveland and the fight to display the pride and energy put into work and creativity of the midwest which is often underappreciated.

Knowing there was going to be an additional and longer documentary produced, tell us how that affected your vision for your film?

AF: I think this had a positive affect, it made me want to put even more work into getting as much content into this smaller piece so the guys at purple films could expand upon it and maybe create a larger telling of what I have given a tease of in this film. I look forward to seeing it.

What kind of message were you trying to convey?

AF: Creativity is prominent in the midwest and we have a lot of integrity and pride in our work, beyond that Cleveland is a very distinct blue collar town which has had a lot of “hard knocks” as Aaron Draplin would put it but it is also a town which contains inspiration and a hard working breed of people which couldn’t be found anywhere else on earth.

What were some of your inspirations behind the film?

AF: I took inspiration from a lot of music video directors and some peers of mine. Vincent Haycock, Mark Romanek, Errol Morris, Martin De Thurah and Alejandro Jodorowsky to name a few. I also listened through like 5 Queen albums while editing this

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced in the production of the video.

AF: The Fest was a lot bigger and had more attendees which was a challenge this year in getting interviews. I spent the entire 3 days shooting which was a challenge but I’m happy with.

For the video and photographer nerds among us, what kind of equipment did you use?

AF: Canon 5D Mark III and 60D. All lenses were primes ranging up to 50mm.

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