Designer: Fizz Creative


Fizz Creative is an award-winning collaboration between Jasen Melnick and Katie Major. Fizz Creative started out simply, over a pint of beer. After working various design positions, they still found ourselves wanting to do more projects that excited our passions. Realizing their unique talent for patterns, branding, packaging, and ideas, they decided to strike out on their own. Continue reading Read More

Designer: Studio Ace of Spade


Studio Ace of Spade was born in October of 2010 over a cup of coffee at a local cafe in downtown Goshen, Indiana. Founded by Simon Birky Hartmann and Jon Savage, it was decided that it was time to take a deep breath, and plunge headfirst into the design world to relentlessly pursue our hopes and dreams. Ever since that October day, we’ve have been working tirelessly to set ourselves and our clients apart from the competition. Continue reading Read More

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