Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 8


We have 7 years under our belt and are committed to making the next Weapons of Mass Creation Fest the best it can possibly be. This means stripping it down, taking the best bits from each festival and creating the ultimate WMC experience. We are serious about listening to your feedback, which includes getting back to our DIY roots and bringing music/live performances back, for example. We want to hear what you have loved most about prior fests, so please email us and let us know.  Don't worry, we have some new events up our sleeve as well!

 Become a Backer

We definitely want to make sure WMC Fest returns - and with a bang! If you have the means to help by way of sponsorship or in-kind resources, please let us know. In order to get WMC Fest 8 off the ground, we need some sponsorships to ensure we can get a new venue and start to pay for some of our initial expenses. Download our WMC Fest 8 Sponsorship Document and let's start the conversation. Or, simply email us if you'd prefer!